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Born of deep experience with containers, workload orchestration, DevOps workflows,
and production operations management for cloud-native applications.

Informed by decades of experience with cloud infrastructure,
virtual machines, and operating systems.

Animated by insights about what is fantastic about container-based DevOps,
and where it is fundamentally weak.

We live at the intersection of containers, the Linux kernel and virtualization.

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System engineer

You will define architectural priorities and requirements for major components of Kontain’s solutions, and will design and implement based on priorities and requirements you formulate. You will move fluidly from discussing technical direction and algorithms, to design, to coding.

Extensive kernel level knowledge: OS concepts, behavior, architecture & data structures; and virtualization platforms (KVM, ESXi, etc).

Experience building system software in areas such as distributed systems, operating systems, Linux or other kernels, database internals, hypervisors, containers.

Familiar with containers, workload orchestration, and serverless systems.

Experience with container runtime and orchestration internals is a plus.

High proficiency in system-level languages (C, Rust, Go); experience with widely used in cloud-native computing languages (Python, JavaScript/JSON, etc).

Orchestration engineer

You will be our lead on Kubernetes internals, and will define and implement our strategy for integrating Kontain with CRI/OCI-compatible systems.  You will also be active in the OSS community, contributing to internal and external projects that integrate Kontain into DevOps toolchains.

Deep understanding of container runtimes (e.g. networking layer, containerd).

Experience with Docker and Kubernetes internals (if you’ve built operators or used CRD, messed with the Kubernetes Cluster Registry API, or looked into custom Docker runtimes, you’ll hit the ground running).


High proficiency in Go.

Admin experience with Kubernetes.

Test architecture engineer

You will define the approach, architecture, design and implementation of repeatable high quality releases. You will define, set up, and operate the testing/CI lifecycle in collaboration with other key teammates.

Extensive experience with CI systems, ideally with system level or container test automation, that result in low-maintenance, high quality automation.

Passion for quality and desire to design and evolve automated test systems; drive to show developers they are not perfect.

Hands-on programming skill, in Linux, with at least one of C, C++, Rust, Go, or Python.


Experience in testing, debugging, diagnosing, and troubleshooting complex system software.


Understanding of virtualization and container packaging and orchestration.


Adept at defining test success criteria and prioritizing coverage areas.

A builder rather than a maintainer?

Driven to make an impact?

At home inside an OS kernel?
Comfortable—strike that, ecstatic—in a nimble, high-performance organization?

Confident enough to be one of the first to join a VC-backed startup?
One of those teammates who makes your teammates even better?

Someone who thinks rethinking the server OS is an idea overdue?

If you just thought "yeah, that's me", we should talk.


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